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 *  $Id: connection.h,v 1.5 2007/04/16 11:01:02 schmirl Exp $

#include "tools/socket.h"
#include "common.h"

class cChannel;
class cDevice;

/* Basic capabilities of a straight text-based protocol, most functions
   virtual to support more complicated protocols */

class cServerConnection: public cListObject, public cTBSocket 
      const char *m_Protocol;
      bool        m_DeferClose;
      bool        m_Pending;

      char        m_ReadBuffer[MAXPARSEBUFFER];
      uint        m_ReadBytes;
      char        m_WriteBuffer[MAXPARSEBUFFER];
      uint        m_WriteBytes;
      uint        m_WriteIndex;

      /* Will be called when a command terminated by a newline has been 
         received */
      virtual bool Command(char *Cmd) = 0;

      /* Will put Message into the response queue, which will be sent in the next
         server cycle. Note that Message will be line-terminated by Respond. 
         Only one line at a time may be sent. If there are lines to follow, set
         Last to false. Command(NULL) will be called in the next cycle, so you can
         post the next line. */
      virtual bool Respond(const char *Message, bool Last = true, ...);
                  //__attribute__ ((format (printf, 2, 4)));

      /* If you derive, specify a short string such as HTTP for Protocol, which
         will be displayed in error messages */
      cServerConnection(const char *Protocol);
      virtual ~cServerConnection();

      /* Gets called if the client has been accepted by the core */
      virtual void Welcome(void) { }
      /* Gets called if the client has been rejected by the core */
      virtual void Reject(void) { DeferClose(); }

      /* Get the client socket's file number */
      virtual int Socket(void) const { return (int)*this; }

      /* Determine if there is data to send or any command pending */
      virtual bool HasData(void) const;

      /* Gets called by server when the socket can accept more data. Writes
         the buffer filled up by Respond(). Calls Command(NULL) if there is a
         command pending. Returns false in case of an error */
      virtual bool Write(void);

      /* Gets called by server when there is incoming data to read. Calls
         Command() for each line. Returns false in case of an error, or if
         the connection shall be closed and removed by the server */
      virtual bool Read(void);

      /* Is polled regularely by the server. Returns true if the connection
         needs to be terminated. */
      virtual bool Abort(void) const = 0;

      /* Will make the socket close after sending all queued output data */
      void DeferClose(void) { m_DeferClose = true; }

      /* Will retrieve an unused device for transmitting data. Use the returned
         cDevice in a following call to StartTransfer */
      cDevice *GetDevice(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority);

      virtual void Flushed(void) {}

      virtual void Detach(void) = 0;
      virtual void Attach(void) = 0;

inline bool cServerConnection::HasData(void) const
      return m_WriteBytes > 0 || m_Pending || m_DeferClose;


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